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Creature Care Pet Sitting Services (985) 774-6274

 Initial Interview
This first visit is free of charge & allows us the opportunity to meet you & your pet(s) and to become familiar with your home.
 During this visit we will customize a pet sitting plan to meet your needs,sign a contract & exchange keys.

Payment for services is due at this time.

We suggest that this interview be done at least three (3) days prior to a scheduled service.

Standard Pet Sitting Service
Our Basic Service includes care for up to 4 pets & consists of two (2) visits to your home per day (an A.M. visit & P.M. visit,typically no more than 12 hours apart).
If you happen to have more than 4 pets, an additional fee will be added.

During our visit we will:
* Feed your pets
* Empty & refill water dishes
* Administer any necessary medications 
* Tend to any "special needs" your pets may need per your instructions
* Litter box maintenance
* Dogs will be played with & exercised
* Cats will receive as much or as little attention as they desire
* Retrieve newspapers & mail daily
* Provide security by alternating lights within your home
* Water indoor plants
* Daily email or text message with your pet's picture & progress if requested. 

Additional Daily Visits
If you feel your pet would benefit from being visited more than twice a day we offer additional visits.
During this visit water dishes will be emptied & refilled.
A brief play session or short walk will be given. 
(Total visits can not exceed 4 per day)

Mid-day Visit for Working Pet Parents
Mid-day visits are provided for working pet parents that must leave their pets inside throughout the work day.
During this visit we will arrive at your home between the hours of 11:00 A.M. & 2:00 P.M. to empty & refill water dishes,a short walk or brief play session.
Dog Walking 
Daily dog walking services are offered
on a weekly basis. (Monday-Friday)
Dog walking services on weekends are available at an addition charge.

Valet Service
If your pet has an appointment while you are away, we provide transportation to & from their appointment.

House Check Service
This service is for those of you who are taking your pets with you when you go away,have no pets at all or simply have a fish or two to be tended to.
We can feed your fish,water your indoor plants,collect your mail & newspapers or alternate your lights inside your home for added security. 

Clean Sweep Service
We will vacuum all of the floor surfaces on the entry level of your home on our last visit before your return to ensure that you  have a welcoming entrance.

Grocery & Pet Food Service
If your pet is in need of food or supplies during your time away or if you would like us to purchase grocery items for your return home (bread,eggs,milk etc.) this is the service for you.
Just leave your sitter a detailed list of needed items (no more than 10 items ) & the store you wish that these items be purchased from & we will do the rest.

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