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Creature Care Pet Sitting Service must be furnished two clients house keys prior to service.
One key will be maintained at the office for emergency back up purposes, while the second key is maintained by your pet sitter. 

Creature Care Pet Sitting Services will keep your house keys until after your return unless otherwise instructed. If you are delayed returning home we can continue to feed your pets.

Creature Care Pet Sitting Service maintains strict control of your house keys and security alarm code information.  No personal information is annotated on your key tag other than your pet's name and an administrative key box number.

We request that clients provide two (2) copies of the house key during the initial interview.

Your primary pet sitter maintains control of one of the keys. The other resides as a back up copy in a key box at the Creature Care Pet Sitting Services office to be used in case of an emergency.

 In the event you have a need for service and your primary pet care provider is out of town, the second key allows us to meet your needs without an additional delay in obtaining a key. We can also assist if you lock yourself out of the house!

First time clients are not charged for key pick-up if the key is provided to the pet sitter at the Registration Interview.

There is a minimum charge of $10 to pick-up and/or deliver keys.

Please do not ask us to return keys by locking them inside the home on the final visit or leaving it hidden outside the home. If you request to have your key returned, it will be returned to you personally for a fee.
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